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Come summers and all ladies wish to go hair free so that they can show off their skin in cool summer clothes. Laser hair removal is considered to be superior to most other methods of hair removal when compared on the basis of time involved and convenience. Are you also someone who is Thinking about laser hair removal in New Jersey? Buying a reliable and professional grade hair removal machine can be the way out for you if you wish. 

Given the variety of options and choices regarding hair removal machines in the market, it can be somewhat difficult to decide which one you ought to go for. Different machines need to compared on the basis of their characteristics, pros and cons. 

If you are someone who owns a salon and you are planning to invest in a laser hair removal machine, this might be especially useful for you. A laser hair removal machine might only cost a bit but the successive sessions that your patients will avail through that machine will rake in much more than that for you. If your salon receives a good footfall, you can easily expect to recover the costs of the machine in no time. 

Shared below are some of the best laser hair removal machines that are mostly used in salons and preferred by laser professionals as well. 

The best laser hair removal machines for your salon

  • Philips Lumea Prestige – The model BRI949/00 is one of the best laser hair removal machines that you can get for home and salon use. It is suitable to treat light and dark skin tones, with a wide array of adjustable options and features that make it ergonomic to use. 

This model has been featured by many specialists many times, owing to its product features. It is a portable device that can be used to remove hair from the limbs, face, upper lips and armpits as well. The model makes use of advanced IPL laser technology that fits well for use on someone with a dark skin tone, with dark hairs as well. Results from the machine show a significant hair reduction of up to 92%. 

The machine is accompanied by multiple adaptors for different parts of the body, providing quick hair removal and better effects. However, it comes at a steep price that might be too much to afford for someone who wants to purchase it for domestic use. 

  • Project E beauty hair removal machine: This is a professional grade machine which is best for those who want to equip their salon with one such procedural equipment. The machine offers a broad wavelength and pulsed light technology and is also equipped with a unique cooling system, which helps in cooling down the skin during the process. 

The machine helps in carrying out the removal procedure with the help of multiple modes and functions that can be modified as per requirement. The compact size of the machine and its affordable price make it a good choice for professionals. However, the machine runs for only 1 lakh shots during its lifespan, which merits making a decent calculation about the returns you will get from the machine. 

  • Skinact IPL machine for hair removal: The problem with the variety of products in the market today is that they aim to target multiple issues with one product. This means paying a higher price for some of these products, the benefits of which might come only from a single function. 

Take for example laser hair removal machines, which claim not only to remove hair but also to treat various skin issues, which is not something that you may need in your machine. This is the strong feature of this machine here that has been designed with a sophisticated control system. It targets hair removal in a safe environment that protects the hair follicles from the harmful UV lights. 

The machine consists of separate filters for the process and provides a seamless interface for operation. 

  • Vinmax E light OPT laser hair removal beauty machine: this is a professional grade machine that can be used on every body part for hair removal. The quality of this machine is so good that it can also be used for hair removal on the pubic area. 

The impressive part of this machine is that it comes at a relatively cheaper price that makes it suitable for use by beauty salon owners and professionals as well. 

The additional features of this machine include reduction of wrinkles and improvement of skin elasticity by using different wavelengths. The machine runs on a unique OPT technology which provides a technological edge to the machine as compared to those that run on the IPL technology. 

Considering the cheap price of the machine in comparison to some of its alternatives, the suitability on a variety of skin tones and the quality of outcome, makes it largely favourable. However, it does not come without its share of cons, including a bulky and heavy built that makes it difficult to navigate around and an outcome that is limited to 30000 shots. 

  • Silk’n Sensepil Professional Grade hair removal machine: If you are looking for something that is professional, yet light and easy to operate, then this is the perfect choice for you. 

The only associated con with the use of this machine is that it cannot be used on skin that is dark or hair that is light in pigment. Otherwise, it is a very professional and handy device that delivers quick and efficient results. It offers different energy level settings that allow the user to modify the treatment as per the requirement. 

These are some of the best machines that you can use for hair removal using a laser machine. They have their own pros and cons, which merits assessing them for their viability for your unique requirement. It is highly recommended that you look for a FDA approval rating on the machine of your choice. 

Shoe Addiction: It’s Not Just for Women

I am a red-blooded male with one slight problem: I have a shoe collection that could make Imelda Marcos green with envy. While a shoe-obsessed woman is a modern-day punchline and stereotype, the impulse to buy shoes is not strictly reserved for the fairer sex. I am living proof of this.

The last time I counted, which was a little over two years ago, I owned over 250 pairs of shoes. This required me to move to a larger apartment with more closet space, and then to an even larger apartment where one whole bedroom was reserved for my shoe collection. I now rent a shed in a storage facility downtown, where I pay a monthly fee of $105.00 just for a place to keep my shoes.

Although I have never attended any type of counseling for my strange behavior, I have done a lot of thinking recently about my need to constantly purchase new pairs of shoes. You see, I was a middle child who grew up in a poor neighborhood. Every year or so, my older brother would have the luxury of buying a new pair of sneakers, usually at the beginning of the school year. As a result, his old shoes were handed down to me, and I wore them until the soles were completely worn thin. Naturally, the shoes were always in too much of a state of disrepair to be passed down to my younger brother, so he would also have the luxury of having new shoes at the beginning of the school year. I suppose I felt left out.

When I began working as a teenager I was able to purchase my very own brand-new pair of sneakers. Up until that time I had never known the feeling of new shoes surrounding and cushioning my feet, and I enjoyed the feeling so much that I vowed to never let my shoes reach the point where they felt “broken in”. Every week, I would head to the local mall and buy a new pair so that I would never have to give up the “new shoe” feeling. Somewhere along the way it became a habit, a ritual of sorts.

Eventually, my shoe obsession became rather bizarre, as I would sometimes find myself buying shoes that weren’t even my size. I just bought them because I could. I even bought shoes that I have never had an occasion to wear, and probably never will. If the shoe store didn’t have something I liked, I bought whatever was available. It was as if I had a quota to fill. If a week went by without attaining a new pair of shoes, I felt disgusted and angry at myself. I felt like that poor kid growing up whose family could not afford to buy me a pair of new shoes; inside my head I could hear the taunts and jeers from the neighborhood kids, teasing me for being poor and having to wear my older brother’s dirty smelly sneakers.

Since I came to this realization, I have curbed my spending but I am certainly not about to give up expanding my collection. I feel that shoes are an excellent and worthwhile investment. After all, you spend an amazing amount of time on your feet, so you might as well be comfortable. For me, comfort is the feeling of a brand-new pair of shoes. As a shoe lover, you should check out Mindsole and read Mindinsole reviews that will guide you with the process of getting the best accessory for your shoes. This is how you can increase your shoe’s comfort level without getting a big hole in your pocket.

The Definitive Guide to finding the mattress of your dreams

Are you looking to replacing your mattress? Having a comfortable and correct mattress is essential for a good night’s sleep. There are many mattresses today on the market that fit any price range and budget. Mattresses nowadays are made from highly innovative and durable materials. There are a variety of mattresses to choose from, whether you buy them in-store or online. Here’s your definitive guide to choosing the mattress of your dreams


This is by far the first thing that most people consider while shopping. Mattresses are expensive, no doubt. A few years back, the only option was the stores that offer mattress at exorbitant prices. However, if you must buy from a store, these are the tips for-

  • Take your time testing out different mattresses. In stores, there’ll be a greater variety to choose from. Dedicate a whole day to your shopping and choose after careful consideration. Utilize the trial period offered on some premium mattresses.
  • Take advantage of sales offered in stores such as Black Friday sales or year-end clearance sales.
  • Most stores offer to take your existing mattress and deliver and set up your new one.
  • Don’t be afraid of negotiation. Stores tend to inflate prices.

In-store mattress shopping trends changed with the arrival of online shopping and e-commerce websites, with its effortless ordering and delivery process. And the prices are also very reasonable.

Here are our best tips for shopping online-

  • Do your research and select a reputable site. The best thing to do in this scenario is to read fellow customer reviews.
  • Mattresses of decent, durable quality generally start from 500 dollars. Take that as your marker. Be careful and don’t fall for big claims at small prices. A king-sized mattress below 500 dollars? That just means lower durability and lower quality.
  • Similarly, a higher price doesn’t always guarantee higher quality. Mattresses are an investment and will be in a working condition for a long time. But this depends on many factors, such as care, the material used, how many people use it and their weights and its proper usage by the customer. A king size mattress will work a minimum of 7 to 8 years but that’s no guarantee. Finding a sensible and reasonable price for it is the key here.

Your ideal mattress material-

Based on each person’s preference, here are the most common mattress materials for you to choose from:

  • Coils or springs mattress: Also called innerspring, these are most common and affordable mattresses you will find on the market. One of their best features is their durability. Innersprings have been around since the early 1990s. These are also excellent for lower back pain and neck pain.
  • Latex Mattress: Latex mattresses are more environment-friendly synthetic dupes for spring mattresses. The material used here is latex rubber and they are generally cool to lie on. However, they are slightly more expensive than a spring mattress.
  • Memory foam:This hugely popular mattress material was first used in NASA programs for safer cushioning in aeroplanes. The foam aligns to your body shape and the heat from your body will keep it warm throughout the night. These are highly recommended for people with lower back issues. These, however, cost a fortune and are not ideal for someone who enjoys a cool sleep.
  • Apart from those mentioned above, there are mattresses also made from a combination of these three common materials, such as soft and firm foam, dense innerspring, pocketed coils and air-filled mattress.

Stores will often use sales tactics to lure customers, such as labelling mattresses as “orthopaedic” or “medically-approved,” there is no medical evidence to support these claims. Doctors might recommend memory foam mattresses for orthopaedic patients, but these are no replacement for the actual treatment.

Foam and latex mattresses are made from synthetic material and may trigger an allergic reaction in some people. Be cautious before buying these mattresses.

Wristwatch Review: Sharp Turbine-style Men’s Analog Watch from Kmart

The Perrelet Turbine watch series is an innovative collection of fine European timepieces that incorporate a turbine blade motif into the dual rotors of its automatic movement. Sold only by exclusive high end jewelers, Perrelet turbine watches cost around $4000 or even more. But, ATTENTION KMART SHOPPERS, ATTENTION KMART SHOPPERS, if you are lucky, you can find a quartz watch with a similar look from Sharp for only $19.99 in the giant retailer’s watch department.

At first, I thought the styling similarities were purely coincidental, but my friends on MyWristwatch Forums quickly picked up the similarity. After a member mentioned it, I remembered seeing a Perrelet advertisement in an old copy of Watch Talk magazine. A close examination of my Sharp watch reveals that the budget-priced Sharp watch pays homage to the premium Perrelet. It has many very similar styling cues to the Perrelet Turbine A1047/1.

Instead of getting a watch steeped in a prestigious Swiss watchmaker’s history that stretches all the way back to 1777, when you buy the Sharp brand watch, you get a watch made by MZ Berger that uses the Sharp name under license. While the premium Perrelet features a hand built movement made by experienced craftsmen working for the company that invented the automatic watch movement, the Sharp watch has a quartz movement made by workers in Singapore.

The features of the Sharp Turbine-style watch aren’t quite up the same level as a genuine Perrelet. For example, you won’t actually get a moving twelve bladed dual rotor made from titanium. Instead, Sharp delivers a watch that successfully incorporates a turbine motif with blue plastic disc recessed beneath the surface of a plain black dial. The dial features windows so that the disc appears to be turbine blades. However, the rotor blades of the Perrelet actually moves. The Perrelet model uses red stripes to emphasize the motion of its rotor blades. Like the Perrelet, the Kmart special has a 44 millimeter diameter case. The Perrelet marks time with the numerals denoting minutes at the customary positions for 15, 30, 45, and 60. The Sharp watch marks time with numerals for the hours 3, 6, 9, and 12. Both watches have similar fonts and tick marks for the minutes or seconds.

While the A1047/1 has a black design, Perrelet has many clever turbine watch configurations. The humble Sharp watch has a stainless steel back, base metal bezel, and black resin band. I found the Sharp turbine-style watch to be fairly comfortable to wear. The black resin band is a tad stiff, but that is to be expected with such bands. The Sharp has luminous material inset in the hour and minute hands that works well after exposure to bright light. Surprisingly, the Sharp watch has what appears to be a slightly convex glass crystal. It’s a surprise to see in a world where most budget watches have simple flat circular disks. While we are talking about the watches the bering is a brand which is producing the best and reliable watches which you can trust completely.

Overall, the Sharp Turbine-style Men’s Watch is a nice addition to a low budget watch collection and it makes a great bang-around watch. However, after watching the real Perrelet turbine rotors spin in fascinating web videos, it’s apparent that the Sharp turbine-style watch pales in comparison to the classic watch it emulates.

Essential Features and Valuable Perks of Door Intercoms today

Yes, you would love to open the door for visitors to come to your home. But ill-intentioned people sometimes knock or ring on doors of unsuspecting houses as well. In short, it’s unsafe to simply open your door when somebody you don’t know knocks on it. That’s why read the full review about the best door intercom systems for your home security today.

These intercom systems are designed to help you identify a person before opening a door. It sounds simple, but that brings a lot of perks for your household. You only have to buy the best quality intercom system for your home and know the essential features it must have.

Reap big Perks from Helpful Features of a Quality Door Intercom System

Intercom systems are efficient communication lines that run inside a home or office. But today, they function for security purposes as well, such as what door intercoms do. And that brings these perks for a household or building:

  • As mentioned earlier, it helps the household identify a person before opening the door. For example, you’re waiting for pizza delivery and somebody rings the door. You can check the intercom first to confirm it’s the delivery man. That reduces the risk of opening your doors for strangers or intruders.
  • These systems come with different helpful features to suit your needs. For example, somebody in your family has hearing difficulties. Install a door intercom with video features to make the system usable for him or her.
  • Advance features of a door intercom increase the security it provides as well. Some systems have lock integration mechanisms, so you can keep the door impenetrable from the outside when needed. And some systems have remote control versions of this mechanism too. Lock and unlock the door even from a distance in your home.
  • Of course, intercom systems also offer communication benefits for your household. It allows you to talk with the person at the door, instead of merely observing on the audio-visual feeds.

Think of these Features when Choosing a Door Intercom System

As you see, a quality door intercom offers valuable benefits for your household. And to choose the right system to have, consider these features while searching:

  1. Stable Connections

Generally, door intercoms have wired and wireless variants. Wired intercoms have meters of cables from its parts on the door, connecting to other parts inside your home. Wireless variants, on the other hand, only need to connect via Wi-Fi to work. But either option you’d choose, be sure to find one with stable connectivity for stellar functionality.

  1. Audio and Video Handling

Door intercom boasts superior security by letting you identify who’s at the door. To optimize such perks, it should have quality video and audio features.  For example, the best systems have video cameras that you can tilt, zoom or pan remotely for a better view.

Also, it should have stellar methods of sending video and audio feeds. Some systems send such input to their parts inside your home. While others can send directly to your smartphone through an app.

  1. Additional Features

Aside from the main features mentioned above, consider choosing one with helpful add-ons too. For example, some door intercoms allow lock integration so you can conveniently lock or unlock a door from a distance. Some also come app alert features which enable the intercom to notify you through a smartphone when somebody rings the doorbell.

Note, however, that door intercoms with more features are understandably more expensive. So, be sure to find one which provides all the features helpful for you.  Avoid mere fancy features you don’t need.

  1. Efficient Control Systems

All of those features are useless if you can’t control them easily. So, choose a door intercom that offers convenient control which is comfortable for you.  As mentioned earlier, some door intercoms are controllable by smartphone apps, while others through its parts inside the home. But the best option is a system which is controllable through those methods in one.

A door intercom system is a great addition to any homes and offices today. It provides a lot of perks, aside from giving you quality security. Be sure, however, to find the right intercom system for your place that suits your needs and preferences.

What Do You Need To Know About Electric Golf Carts?

These days, many new inventions bring convenience and make our lives comfortable. Electric vehicles are one of the finest innovations of all time in the field of the automobile industry. Electric golf carts are the most popular vehicles, and many people love to use them on the golf courses. Moreover, these can also be used for everyday purposes. Every electric golf cart owner is fond of their vehicle as it is useful and productive.

If you are the one who is looking to buy one, then consider buying from online stores at the best prices. Those who don’t own this unique piece of tech are not living a comfortable life. Well, if you want to know more about the electric golf cart, then keep reading esta pagina. We are here to help you with the top facts that you don’t know about these vehicles. After understanding them, you will come to see why they are the priority of many people. Let us discuss these hidden facts below.

  • Not expensive

Well, if you compare rates of the gas and electric golf carts, then choosing an electric one will be a little bit expensive. But, you don’t want to use the vehicle only for one day. We are talking about fueling and charging these units. When it comes to operation, fuel is much costlier than electric. Let’s understand this with an example. If you want to reach 100 miles and you have a standard cart, then you must pay around 16 to 20 dollars for the fuel. On the other hand, an electric one will cost you only 7 dollars. This solely depends on you that how much you are willing to save for the rest of your life.

  • Low maintenance

Since fuel is not required to run the machine so you will not need to worry about maintaining the vehicle. No mess, no noise, no smoke, and no smell are produced by the cart, making it the unit that does not need maintenance. But, there is a need to check the working of the batteries as these will ensure that how much time your cart will stay in good condition. The reason is that in winter, you have to store the cart, and then you must look for the battery. If you don’t do this, then it will lead to damage to the vehicle. Read esta pagina to know more about the tips that help to gather details related to the battery.

  • Eco-friendly and noise-free

We all know that global warming is hitting up, and many places have been affected around the world. Therefore, we all want to save our environment, and by choosing this vehicle, you are about to do this little task. The technology used in the formation of the electric golf carts is pro-environment. There is no air pollution and noise produced by the unit. Moreover, the best part is that the vehicle is perfect for those who have problems related to their respiratory system. A gasoline cart also comes with the same specifications as electric ones but creates pollution.

To sum up, these are the top facts that you need to know about the electric golf carts. It is always fun to ride this fantastic vehicle, and you can go to many places easily.

Maintain Your Table Saw With Easy Ways

If you are the one who is having a workshop and you want to maintain your table saw, then we can help you out for solving your issue. In the further mentioned paragraphs, we will talk about some of the easy ways by which you can maintain your table saw. Table saw is the most useful tool by which you use to do your entire working. With the help of the table saw you could maximize your performance. One should use the table saw in their working as it is the best way to do all the work. Table saw is one of the best tools by which you can speed up your performance, make accurate and easy cuts. It helps in making your performance also versatile. There are many local stores from where you can buy the best jobsite table saw to execute all your workings.

Safety matters a lot

Using the table saw can bring a lot of benefits for you in your working, but along with those benefits, there is a dangerous side also of using it. If you will not use the table saw properly and will not maintain it then it can cause many problems for you. While using the table saw, it can make a cut on your body and can lead to cause a big injury on your body. So when you go to use the table saw then make sure that you will show your concern towards the safety tips. You should wear your gloves while using the say and don’t forget about your eyes too. Use the safety glasses and with hearing protection for your ears also. This will help in letting you get safe while using the best jobsite table saw and make your work also well.

Buying the table saw

So now you are going to buy a table saw. So when you go to buy the table saw then you need to focus on some of the things which can help you to know which table saw will go best with your working. You should consider the rip, fence, miter gauge and saw blade when you would go to the shop to buy it. Make sure that you will check the saw properly so that you will buy the one which will work at its best. You can ask for some referrals also while buying. Online sites can also help you a lot for deciding the best material for you. With the help of reading the reviews, you can easily compare all the saws and decide which one you will choose for your needs. Try to buy the best jobsite table saw so that you will bring out the best result.

Manage your table saw

Replace the blade with time

Rip cuts are the cuts which are the most common caused cuts while using the table saw. The saw blades which are having more teethes use to cause many types of dangerous cuts which can harm the body a lot. That is why when you will buy the table saw make sure that you will look for the blades of it. The right table saw usually come with the blade which is having lesser teeth. Now when it comes to buying for your own usage then don’t go with the more teeth ones. Find the most convenient and lesser teeth blade for your best jobsite table saw.

Blade parallel to the miter gauge

When you buy the table saw then look at the blade that is it parallel to the miter gauge or nit. If the blade is not parallel to the miter gauge, then it can affect your slots and can make them more worsen. Even if the blade of your best jobsite table saw will not get parallel to the miter gauge then it can bind your work piece and kick back also.  Kickback happens when the table saw will suddenly stop working forward. Kickback is really dangerous and can cause a very big danger to you. So when you buy the table saw make sure that you will look at the blade that it is must to be parallel to the miter gauge.

Adjusting the blade of the table saw

Adjusting the blade is a very important thing of which one needs to take care of extremely; otherwise, it can create a lot of problem for you. One should adjust the blade in the table saw precisely; otherwise, it can make big harm to the body of a person. The best jobsite table saw will work on very high speed and for making the work done perfectly, setting the angle of the blade is a must. So one should precisely set the angle of the blade to bringing the best result without having any harm to the body.

Clean the saw blade

If you will not clean your blade of the table saw then it could cause the problem while working. There are many people who are wondering that what is the need to clean the blades? But it is very much important to make your blades look shiny and new. If you do not clean your blade, then it can make the cut bolder which is not the part of your work. If you want to bring out a precise cut, then make sure that you will clean your blade properly of your best jobsite table saw.

Keep your hands safe

While using the best jobsite table saw you should make your hands get safe from the blade of the table saw. If you do not let your hands get safe, then it can cause a big injury to your body so think about it before using.

Your table saw is the most important tool of your shop to take care of. Hope that now you will take care of your best jobsite table saw perfectly with the help of the above mentioned information.

A Guide To Beard Trimmers And Hair Clippers

So you want to get groomed for a special evening and do not have enough time to hit the salon for the perfect look that you desire to have? Oh well! You do not have to stress because you can use bread or hair trimmers which tend to give you the ideal look for any occasion.

Also, buying a beard trimmer shouldn’t be done in any hurry because you want to get the best quality facial clipper that can last you for almost lifelong. The best cordless hair trimmer will require you to look for some factors before you decide on which one is the perfect deal for you.

  • The length of the hair

one of the most important factors that need to be taken into consideration before buying a hair trimmer is the hair length.

  • Do you want the one with a cord or cordless?

Some men prefer having their trimmers to have a cord while there are some who would opt for the cordless one.

What are the perks of using a cordless hair trimmer?

  • You can opt for those cordless trimmers that have a long-lasting battery life so that it can provide convenience and ease to all its users.
  • Also, you will be comfortable while you are using this cordless trimmer, as the messed up cord will not come your way.
  • Since the trimmer is cordless, you can use it anywhere that you want to use it without any hassle – be it in the bathroom or even in the bedroom.

Also, you can buy waterproof cordless trimmers which can be used in the bathroom as you do not have to worry about it being damaged due to the water around.

Some features that are mentioned below are the ones you should be looking out for in the best cordless hair trimmerand these will include:

  • Light in weight, so that you do not have too much burden if you are traveling and have to take your hair trimmer along.
  • Charges quickly, in this way you can be assured that you won’t be delayed for any occasion.
  • Performs well, you need to ensure that the trimmer offers great performance over a long run and then only make an investment in a hair trimmer.
  • Easy to use and then clean as well, maintaining the trimmer after every use is very essential in order to maintain personal hygiene. Also, do not opt for trimmers that come with complicated option even though most are quite easy and simple to operate.

Also, before you go shopping for a hair trimmer you need to make sure you have set your budget so that you do not end up overspending. Also, check all the features well before you decide which one is the ideal option for you. But if you can afford then you could spend some extra money on the trimmer that offers some great features like an extended warranty, great battery life and the accessories that come along with it.

Nostalgia Hot Dog Toaster Review

Nostalgia Hot Dog Toaster Review

Few months ago I was asked to review a product from CSN Stores.

Good folks at CSN Stores allowed me to pick my own product to review. After hours and hours of browsing few of their online stores and having arguments with all members of my family we agreed on one product.

The product we decided to review was Nostalgia Electrics Pop Up Hot Dog Toaster and today during Review Tuesday I am finally sharing my opinions with you..

Nostalgia Hot Dog Toaster Review

The second my kids saw picture of the Pop Up Hot Dog Toaster they had to have……right away.

Apparently living without Nostalgia Pop Up Hot Dog Toaster is not living at all…it’s dull and boring, but………

……if they had the Pop Up Hot Dog toaster their lives would be so much better and…….wait for it……….

……they wouldn’t even have to bother me to feed them.

Well, what mother can say NO to proposal like that. Hot dogs all around….call the neighbors, bring your friends.

I gave in and I told the nice people at CSN stores to wrap up the Nostalgia Hot Dog Pop Up Toaster and ship it my way.

The minute my boys saw the box they were excited.

Nostalgia Hot Dog Toaster Review

The best toy (small appliance) ever….give hungry and growing teen and 8 year old package of hot dogs, bag of buns and Hot Dog Pop Up Toaster to test and you’ll make their day… was like Christmas in July.

The little unit didn’t disappoint.

The Nostalgia Pop Up Hot Dog Toaster weighs about 6 pounds and is approximately 13” x 9” x 12” in diameter.

It makes 2 regular size hot dogs and toasts 2 regular size hot dog buns at the same time.

The hot dog toaster offers 5 settings and you can chose how you like your hot dog done.You can go from barely done to nice and plump.

The Pop Up Hot Dog Toaster comes with little tongs that allow you to grab the hot dogs and buns without getting your fingers burnt.

As any toasters it has a little drip tray underneath that needs to be cleaned after every use.

The Pop Up Hot Dog toaster is very easy to operate and it’s perfect for kids as young as 10 years of age to use it independently.

Nostalgia Hot Dog Toaster Review

Children under the age of 10 will have fun using it with and adult or in my case older sibling help and supervision.

My whole family and friends were very impressed with the quality of the hot dogs. They were done to perfection and came with warm and toasted hot dog buns.

The Nostalgia Pop Up Hot Dog Toaster will be a great addition to any household as well as perfect gift for students.

Perfect to use at birthday parties, camping, sport gathering and making quick snacks.

You can purchase your own Nostalgia Pop Up Hot Dog Toaster at for under $25.00