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Important Factors To Consider when Choosing the Right Bassinet For Your Baby

Having a newborn in the house is one of the best moments that could happen in a family. Imagine the months of waiting that a mother needs to carry a baby inside her womb, together with all the preparations that the parents need to do to make sure that the baby is given the right care and protection. There are several factors that parents need to consider as preparation for the coming of the new addition to the family. From regular medical check up to shopping for the needs of the baby, it is fair to say that such preparation is a combination of excitement and challenge.

Moreover, as parents, you must be able to take into consideration all the necessary aspects and factors needed for your baby. Now that your baby has finally arrived, you will now enter the real world of parenthood. Pregnancy has already gone. Thus, there will be no more blood draws, doctor visits, and most importantly, no more pains during the labor. However, you are now into the phase of parenthood, which is considered as more challenging than pregnancy. As such, one of the challenging tasks of a new parent is choosing the right items that will be used by your newborn baby.

One of the common materials or items that you need to carefully choose is a baby bassinet. Basically, bassinets provide comfortable and cozy sleeping spot for your baby. It is important that you do not bed share with your baby for his or her protection. Hence, placing your baby in a bassinet is a must that every parent should consider. Moreover, good sleep habits are necessary for any newborn baby. Making a safe sleep environment for your baby will lower the risk of sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS and injury.  That is why baby bassinets are designed. But how do you choose the right baby bassinets for your little angel? To help you out, here are some tips that you should consider when looking for the best baby bassinets.

Safety Standards

One of the main purposes that you should take into account when looking for the right baby bassinets is the safety of your baby. After all, safety should be your number one priority. So when buying bassinets, you must always double examine for safety problems that the item you’re checking might have. It is advisable to check for the stickers or markings that show that the bassinet has undergone quality and safety check. This will allow you to ensure the safety and convenience of your baby. You should also look out for some side slats and test if you can place a soda in the middle. If yes, you should know that they are widely apart not to be so dangerous. It is also recommended to avoid some decorative posts that stick up from the sides. This could catch on a baby’s clothing, which is definitely unsafe. Overall, your baby’s safety should be your number one priority.

Age and Weight Limits

Generally, most of the bassinets have their weight limit from fifteen to twenty pounds. Some of these bassinets may have the ability to carry a bigger baby but for security purposes, you need to always keep in mind that baby’s weight is not just the main way that your baby may outgrow bassinets. This is because of the fact that most of the babies will soon grow bigger for the bassinet or crib that you bought. That said, when buying bassinet, it is advisable to add a couple of months from four to six months from the age of the baby to provide allowance for growth.

Rocking or not?

For some parents, they prefer a bassinet that rocks to easily calm their babies. However, you should be aware that rocking bassinets might introduce safety hazards that are not evident in a stationary bassinet. Once your baby learns how to roll over or move in any direction they want to go, the shifting of weight in a rocking bassinet might let tilt that your little angelgets trapped ober one side. Thus, to ensure safety, it is recommended to choose the safest type of bassinet that is the non-rocking ones.


Another factor that you need to consider when buying bassinet for your baby is portability. Certainly, you want an item that can be easily moved from one place to another. Buying a heavy bassinet that is difficult to move has a lot of disadvantages. First, you will have limited chance of transferring or re-organizing your baby’s room. Second, you’ll also have limited chance to do other household chores when the bassinet of your baby can’t be transferred from one area of your house to another. Lastly, you will not be able to bring such heavy bassinet outside your house when situation or occasion requires.

Mattress Support

It is also important that the mattress of your baby’s bassinet is very much supported. Generally, mattress is designed to support the bassinet to be durable enough to hold the baby even without flexing or bending. The whole mattress must be strengthen by the supporting parts. To look for any spot that dips easily, you need to press the edge of the mattress and in the center as well. You should also understand that the effect of hammock is only ideal for adults because it doesn’t work well with babies due to the danger it brings, as babies don’t have the ability to extract themselves.

Styles of Bassinet

Last but definitely not the least, you have also to consider the styles of the bassinet for your baby. Considering that you have taken into account all the safety aspects of a bassinet, it is now time to go for fashion. Baby’s items and stuff should be colorful and attractive to provide entertainment to them. Hence, you can choose from different styles that you prefer. Most of the bassinets that you will see in the market come in different styles from classic, frilly to sleek modern.

Safety Tips To Remember While Working With A Metal Cutter Band Saws

A metal cutting band saw is an electrically powered saw that consists of a sharp blade with in-built continuous metallic band. This device is generally used in woodworking, lumbering, metal working. However, it can be deployed used for cutting diverse other materials as well.

This electric powered saw includes the advantage of a uniform cut that is not capable by human hands. This is possible due to its uniformly distributed tooth-load and also the flexibility to cut irregularly or in curved shapes such as a jigsaw.

Since this is an advanced device capable of cutting through metal, such devices should be used with care. The following are the basic principles that one should keep in mind while handling an electrically powered metal cutting saw.

  • Wearing a safety glass is a must to protect your eyes from metal scraps and sparks
  • It is to be ensured before operating the saw that the start and stop button is with a comfortable reach of the operator.
  • Also, the proper placement of all the guards and their smooth functionality is available before operating.
  • To prevent anyone from coming into contact with long materials, it is to be guarded from both ends.
  • Make sure the blade is turned off and is supplied with electricity before removing stock.
  • Always use lubricating fluids when cutting fluids.
  • Always keep saw blades clean and sharp. Any wear or damage will increase the probability of any accident happening.

What should you always avoid while handling a metal cutting saw?

  • Don’t measure, remove or place anything until and unless the saw is completely turned off
  • Never apply extra force to the cutting board.
  • Do not, on any condition, the saw is ever to be left running unattended.

Are you looking to buy a band saw? Much to your convenience, here is a list of best metal cutting band saws reviews.

  • Grizzly G0561 Horizontal Band Saw – The “chosen” one
  1. With a 0.7859” width blade, this metal band saw is already ahead of the competition and will always give you a smoother and better cut.
  1. The motor comes with a full 1 HP, that will provide you with ample elbow room and function usage which will come very handy during heavy duty work.
  1. The horizontal band saw is versatile enough to be perfect for both serious hobbyist and professional alike.
  • JET 414560 HVBS 712D Deluxe Horizontal Bandsaw – The “good enough” option
  1. Pre wired with 110 volts this metal band saw will always run smoothly and softly and is capable of converters into 220 volts.
  1. You will get an extended support area of 10” x 12” feeding table and can be used in a horizontal position as well as vertically, for your convenience.
  1. Fitted with a vise, this band saw you can quick lock it by hand and also comes with a chip tray and a built-in storage cabinet.
  • WEN 3975 Band Saw – The “value” for your money
  1. This time WEN removed the belts unlike its previous model and changed it with a variable speed moto dial.
  1. It comes with a built-in motor function that will improve the accuracy and precision level. The clamp down included is quite durable and effective.
  1. Although it can function as an upright stationary saw yet it is also limited to certain sizes and materials.