Weight Bearing Exercises to Relieve Middle Back Pain

I was told by various doctors, after an accident at age twenty, that my future life would consist of pain pills, crutches or a wheel chair by age thirty. I had no desire for a life of immobility and I’ve dedicated a large part of my time to working with diet and exercise to see that it didn’t happen. I find if I combine Qi Gong, T’ai Chi or yoga and weight bearing exercises, I can relieve the tension in the thoracic area of my back before it progresses into my neck and becomes a tension headache. Weight bearing exercises shorten and strengthen the muscles. Qi Gong, T’ai Chi or yoga, lengthen, strengthen and make the muscles more flexible. Combining the two balances the muscles and promotes good posture.

I prefer using surgical tubing in the following exercise but hand weights work, it just takes more repetitions to accomplish the same end effect. Do you have a spine problem that might require surgery? If yes, then they will advise the patients to have exercises and weight bearing exercises. The repetitions of the bearing exercises will be done through the citizens. 

Stand with the feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, sternum lifted and back straight. If using tubing, hold one end of the loop in the left hand level with, and in front of, the left hip. The other end of the loop is held somewhere, depending on the overall length, in front of the right shoulder with ends of the curled fingers facing down. Next, straighten the right arm in a diagonal from the left hip toward the ceiling. When the right arm is extended completely, it should be equal distance between straight up and horizontal. To work a slightly different muscle group, turn the hand over so that the curled ends of the fingers on the right hand are facing up. Repeat as many repetitions as feels comfortable and appropriate for you. Switch sides and repeat the same amount of rep’s to balance your sides. I use twenty-five rep’s but that would depend on your fitness level, the size and how many strands of surgical tubing you use. If you use hand weights you’ll have to customize the rep’s to what works best for you. I find that lighter weights and higher rep’s work best for what I want to accomplish. The rest of the exercise, when using hand weights, is the same.

To balance the weight bearing exercise, do the following from Qi Gong:

Standing as in the exercise above: Place the hands, palms up, in front of the abdomen, right hand on top of left but not cradled in the left hand. Without raising the shoulders, begin lifting the arms and hands out toward the sides and begin slowly breathing in. Begin to straighten the legs and extend the arms until straight and the hands are directly overhead. Stretch and lengthen as much as possible. You’ll have to bend the elbows slightly in order to be able the cross the wrists when they are directly overhead.

Next, begin breathing slowly out, bending the knees and lowering the hands and arms to the original starting position. Switch hands so that when the hands are again in front of the abdomen, the left hand is on top. The exercise should resemble a large bird flapping its wings.

Why Is Parc Esta Condo A Better Choice Than Buying An Apartment?

The condo is also known as condominiums, which provide a stable and amenity-induced living experience at a reasonable cost. Well, the condo is considered as a better option that you can choose instead of the traditional home. If you are looking to buy a home, then plenty of options are out there to choose from. All of them are not the same, and that’s why you should pick the one smartly. Before going to opt for the condo, you need to know what exactly it is.

Well, the condo looks like the apartment building, but you can own a private condo unit. When you buy a condo, you are able to avail several facilities like the swimming pool, tennis court, gym, etc. buying a condo is one of the challenging tasks, and that’s why you should keep some important things in mind. Several projects are out there which have been launched by the different real estate agents. Parc Esta is one of the new condos which is located at the crossroads of Eunos.

Well, this condo is launched by MCL land, and it offers various facilities for the buyers. The location of this condo is near to the major bus routes. When you buy this condo unit, then you are able to stay connected with the different parts of Singapore. In addition to this, you can get several benefits by purchasing this condo unit. You can get access to a wide variety of leisure and dining facilities. Check all the amenities offered by the developer of this project before going to buy the condo unit.

How to buy your first condo?

Owning a home is one of the dreams of every individual, and if you are also excited to get your dream home, then you need to be aware of some important factors. First of all, you should know all about the condo and the reasons why people prefer it instead of the traditional home options. After knowing all about condos, you may get encouraged to buy them. If you have made your final decision to buy your first condo, then try to keep some vital tips in mind. Here are some beneficial tips that you need to take into consideration while buying a condo-

  • Know your needs– If you have decided to buy a condo, then it is crucial to keep your needs in mind. As you know, the condo is different from the single-family homes, so you need to weigh its pros and cons. if the condo that you are looking for is suitable to your needs, then you don’t need to search anymore for making the final purchases.
  • What it includes – While buying a condo, it is essential to know about what the condo includes. Make sure the condo includes the reserved parking spot along with additional storage. It is also important to check the other things included by the condo while buying it. With the help of this, you can make your final choice with ease.
  • Research the management company – Before going to buy the condo, you need to know who is maintaining the property. It is an important thing, and you should also know who is cleaning the common areas of the property. Research about the condo community and then check whether it is well maintained or not to buy your first condo.
  • Get help from a real estate agent– To purchase a condo, you will have to spend a lot of time and energy. To ease up your task, you can hire a real estate agent who has good experience in selling condos. With the help of this, you can easily talk to them about your needs and then get the right condo as per your needs.

After keeping all these tips in mind, you can buy your condo without hassles. Always remember all these tips in mind to ease up your buying process. It will also help to buy your dream home to get an ultimate living experience.

Why should you consider Parc Esta?

Most of the people prefer to consider Parc Esta instead of other condo units. If you are still confused, then you should know the reasons why you should buy this condo unit instead of other traditional homes. Some of these reasons have been provided below-

  • Location– Parc Esta is located in the area from where you can easily get an access o the Changi airport. While living in this condo unit, you can easily reach the CBD downtown core in 10-12 minutes. The location of this condo project is making it popular as well as demanding.
  • Amenities – You may get encouraged to buy the condo unit due to its various amenities. When you buy a condo unit, you will also get access to the community center, gym, community pool, and garden. You can also take the benefits of other amenities provided by developers.
  • Affordability – if you are deciding to buy a condo instead of the traditional home, then you are able to save a lot of money. Condos are affordable to buy, so you don’t need to extend your budget for making purchases.

Along with these points, many other reasons are out there for which you should always buy a condo. If you are buying a condo unit, then you will not have to pay a lot of money for the maintenance fee.

Let’s wrap it up

The condo is the private residence within a larger community, and it is much better than an apartment or other traditional home options. If you want to buy your dream home, then you should purchase a condo unit that also includes lots of amenities to make you feel happy in your daily life. Buying a condo unit helps you to get numerous benefits that you should never ignore. When you buy a condo, then it offers locked entries as well as security professionals. Hiring a real estate agent can help you to buy the best condo unit as per your needs and requirements.

Beginner’s Guide to Acupuncture: A Response to Western Medicine

Acupuncture is the stimulation or insertion of very thin needles via the skin. It has its roots in ancient Chinese medicine, dating back thousands of years. Acupuncture started gaining popularity in the West in the 1970s as people started looking for natural and drug free treatment options.

One of the most common concerns about acupuncture is that it will hurt. If it is done by a qualified practitioner there should be very little or no pain. Keep in mind that some conditions will require the acupuncturist to purposely move the needles after insertion, which may increase discomfort.

So, how does acupuncture work? In traditional Chinese medicine everything is comprised of the forces of Yin and Yang, these are complementary opposites of each other. When they are out of balance qi (life energy), sometimes called chi, does not flow properly, resulting in poor health. Acupuncture relieves this by putting the Yin and Yang back in balance.

In Western medicine it is believed that acupuncture works by activity certain nerves, thereby releasing different chemicals or hormones into the body. This can create the desired result.

The needles are applied to certain pressure points on the body. These points may seem unrelated to your actual condition, and are based on what are known as meridians. For example, a heart condition may be treated at the armpit or wrist, among others.

Acupuncture has been used to treat or minimize the symptoms of virtually every disease and medical condition. So far, the U.S. government has said acupuncture may be helpful in treating nausea, dental pain, headache, cramps, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and asthma. It can be used in conjunction with western medicine or as part of an overall treatment plan.

There is a very small risk of injury during treatment, ranging from minor bleeding to the possibility of stroke; especially if the needles are intended to go deeper. That is why it is so important to find a well-trained and reputable practitioner.

One other risk is the avoidance, at all costs, of Western medicine. Cancer treatment, for one, may be most effective when a combination of approaches is used. There are also times when chemotherapy, radiation or surgery are necessary. None of which have can be done using acupuncture.

While much of western medicine rejects the ability of acupuncture to work, there are many people who are now cured of their ailments due to its power, real or imagined. More and more doctors are beginning to understand holistic approaches to treatment. Acupuncture is generally considered safe and may be an option for you – but always consult with, and inform, your physician about any such treatment.

For those in Western medicine that begrudgingly accept the efficacy of acupuncture, they are quick to point to the placebo effect. In short, this means if the patient thinks acupuncture will help, it will work because they think it will. Anyone who has benefited from such treatment will tell you it doesn’t matter why it works, what counts is that it does. Hence, if you own a clinic or medical services company, it is important to inform your clients about acupuncture. One of the best ways to do this is through marketing. Is your medical marketing plan on track to meet your goals? If not, you better start working on it.

Long Hair Care

Around 15 years ago, at the age of 40, I became convicted after reading 1Corinthians 11:1-16, to grow my hair long (and cover it, but that isn’t what this article is about). At the time, my hair was about shoulder length and I had long bangs in front. I had always admired long hair, but never had the patience to grow it out really long, especially after the children came and time was at a premium.

By far the most frustrating part was the bangs. For a very long time, I kept them, until I was challenged with the statement “Why would you cut what God calls your glory?” So I determined the bangs would go, too. This took several months before they were long enough to easily lay with the rest of my hair, but it did finally happen, and it was worth it.

I had permed my hair for years, and the result of this was that the ends of my hair were lighter than the top part. The top part, where nothing had touched the new hair, was also much shinier. A pregnancy in my 40’s, though, hastened the process of the old hair falling out and new hair growing in, as it is typical to grow new thick hair during a pregnancy, only to have it fall out again to its normal thickness after the baby is born. By the time my daughter was six months old, all old, permed hair was gone, and I was left with new, shiny hair.

Different people’s hair will grow to different lengths, then stops. In other words, depending on the person, hair will only grow so long before it stops growing, or maybe it falls out at this point. Mine just touches my waist. Other people may have hair that grows much shorter than that, and I know one lady whose hair drags the ground. Uncut hair will usually not be exact even at the bottom, but most of the time, the very middle will be slightly longer, giving it a rounded look.

Long, uncut hair should be handled carefully. The ends do not need to be washed as often as the top, but not washing the top of the hair will usually result in oily, dirty looking hair. You will need to determine your own skin type to decide how often to wash your hair, but remember, unclean looking hair is very unattractive, and if you are growing it for religious reasons, it’s a bad testimony.

Wet hair, whether short or long, is more delicate than dry. Once you wash your hair, finger comb it, or use a pick. Try to avoid hair dryers, as they will dry your hair out and make it more brittle and the ends more likely to split. Once your hair is dry, you can use a pick or a brush that is made to avoid tangles, and brush it smooth. If you are only going to be home all day, it’s then a good idea to pull it back at the nape of your neck, and then again half way down your back with ponytail holders designed to be easy to remove. This will keep your hair from tangling as the day goes on, and it will also keep it out of the way when you cook and do housework, so that your hair will stay cleaner. It is also advisable to check if there is a laser hair removal near Brampton so you can have a place where you can get rid of unwanted hair.

Natural products will keep your hair and the rest of your body much healthier. Local health food stores have many natural shampoos you can try. Melaleuca Products have nice shampoos. Since conditioners tend to weigh down long hair, it might be best to avoid using it on a regular basis. You can make your own hair rinse by mixing vinegar, green tea, and rosemary tea. Mix it in equal amounts, pour it down the length of your hair, and massage it into your scalp well after you wash your hair. It smells bad while you are doing it, but the smell goes away when your hair dries. Once massaged in your scalp, you can lightly rinse it out if you prefer. I also like to rub this mixture over my face as I use it in my hair, because it’s good for all of your skin.

Try to avoid using any heat on your hair as much as possible. If you would like to curl your hair, consider going back to the rag curlers from the old days. Simply wind locks of your hair in a circle around your finger, then slip your finger out and a strip of cloth in, tie it, and sleep comfortably.

Long shiny hair is a beautiful asset to your looks, and what God calls a woman’s glory. Consider growing your hair long, and reap a blessing!

Who To Consult For Your Health- The Web Or Your Doctor?

More than 95% percent of people surveyed in my 2012 study had at least seven years experience using the Internet and were satisfied with their Internet-use skills (Hruska, 2012). Most people said that the Internet has made them feel more connected to people. People go online today for a variety of reasons- they might check what their favorite celebrities are doing; they might find out if their sports team won; they might check into a class they’re taking; they might buy a hard-to-find gift; or, they might check in on their Facebook page or make a video call through Skype. They might even be tech savvy enough to use different browsers and clear their cache.

Another activity people do online is research health matters. In fact, 65% of people surveyed used the Internet to seek out information about health at least every few weeks. Ninety-five percent of people learned something new from the health information they found. More than half of people surveyed reported that the Internet had at least something to do with the improvement of their health. Sixty percent answered that the information they got online affected how they take care of themselves- how they eat and exercise.

People went online to find out about preventive care and alternative remedies; they might check out how their hospital or doctor rates; or, they might find out about prescription drugs or a surgical procedure. They might connect with others with the same condition as them, or read the latest health research. People might go online to research health information that they consider embarrassing to discuss with their doctor. One person said: “The Internet saved my life by helping me realize I had been given a wrong diagnoses and thus switching to another hospital” (Hruska, 2012, p. 83). Another person said: “I get headaches, and nothing that the doctors have done has really helped, so from readings off the Internet, I’ve pieced together a plan to try and attack the headaches and slowly undo the damage…” (p. 83).

Some people use health-related websites instead of visiting their doctor or when a doctor visit is considered unnecessary. Other people answered that they visited health related websites before a doctor visit. About half of people talked to their doctor about what they found- 44% did not. Many people answered that the information they found online led them to ask new questions or obtain a second opinion from a new doctor.

Will the Internet one day replace what we have traditionally known as our annual exam? Will Skype replace doctor check ups? Allows the patient to have better option for the Podiatry Billing Specialists is a national service specializing in the insurance to know all the benefits and claiming acts of it for better indulgement before considering or buying the policies. The advancement of technology may be of particular interest to people living in remote areas, people without health insurance, or individuals with a low income. Could there emerge a more global understanding of health conditions and more opportunity to self diagnose common conditions? These possible directions of technology and its use in the healthcare industry should be recognized and researched in order to produce important information about how technology can be best utilized.

Why do you need to prefer muama enence translator instead of any other?

The muama enence translator is here to serve the users with en number of benefits as this device contains numerous features that are attracting multiple people towards it. The portable translators are capable of serving the users with instant results; this device has been designed considering the necessities of the users. The users are capable of carrying it along with them wherever they want, and not only this; there is a bulk of features that are offered by the developers.

The muama enence translator will be recommended for those people who need to visit foreign countries often. If you are willing to visit Spain or Italy, then you might be unable to understand their language, so the muama enence translator is here, which is proficient in doing translation within a short span of time. This is the real-time language translator, which makes traveling to foreign countries more stress-free and easier. The muama enence translator users are capable of getting numerous amazing features that you may not get somewhere else.

The muama enence translator contains several amazing and mind striking features, and these things enable this gadget to hold a massive horde of delightful consumers. Now you must be wondering what those features are, how this gadget is getting famous rapidly? So here we are to help you out while unveiling more knowledge regarding this device and its vital features as well. The following points are capable of serving you with sufficient information regarding its functioning and many more things as well. Have a look at these points to unveil such characteristics of muama enence translator.

Things to know about the muama enence translator:

  • You are allowed to translate more than 40 languages:

The muama enence translator is the gadget that is allowing you to translate more than 40 languages easily, and the users can conveniently do it. This is the gadget that comes with ease to operate features along with reliable results. Consumers of this gadget are capable of getting superior quality results within few seconds.

  • The high-quality sound recording is here: 

The muama enence translator is offering the users with superior quality of sound as consumers can record the sound in the superior quality, and they will get the results accordingly. The high-quality sound recording is the feature that is rarely found in any portable translator. So if you are willing to experience the amazing features of a portable translator, then get the muama enence for yourself.

  • It has been made with a handy design which makes it convenient to carry:

The portable gadget means that it can easily carry along wherever the user goes, the muama enence translator has been made with the handy design, which means it can be easily carried in hand. The muama enence translator is so lightweight as well, so the users can keep it in their pocket or purse with ease. This design has become the necessity of portable translators, which are making it more preferable.

These were some of the vital features of the muama enence translator, and we have given a detailed explanation just for the ease of the readers so that they are also capable of gaining more knowledge about it and its functioning as well. This gadget is capable of serving the users with instant and reliable results as it is proficient enough to serve the users with superior quality results within few seconds.

Check out the following frequently asked questions (FAQs) to know more about it: 

Will the muama enence translator be the good choice to go for?

Yes! The muama enence translator will be the most elegant choice to go for, as this is the gadget that is capable of serving the users with numerous benefits. There is a bulk of features available in this gadget, such features are mind striking, and these things make such gadget more preferable.

Describe some features of the muama enence translator.

We have given a detailed explanation regarding the features of such gadgets, so at the following points, we have described some more features so the readers will be at ease while gaining more knowledge about it.

  • The muama enence translator users are proficient in getting the results within a few seconds
  • This device is capable of translation numerous languages within the short span of time
  • It is a device that can be easily carried along either in the pocket or purse
  • This gadget enables you to save money and time

The cessation 

We are here with the closure that is the muama enence translator is the lifesaver device as you are allowed to carry it along with you wherever you want. This translator has been designed in such a manner as the users are allowed to get the finest results within few seconds.

Gynecomastia – What Are The Main Causes And Treatment Options?

Gynecomastia is a common health condition that causes swollen breast tissue and breast tenderness in men. The imbalance of the testosterone in the body leads to this health condition. You also need to read more about Gynecomastia to know all about its symptoms and treatment options. Well, this condition is affecting half of all men, and that’s why they are looking for the best ways to overcome this health condition. First of all, you should know the term Gynecomastia properly and all the other details associated with it.

Understand its symptoms and the signs in order to detect whether you are affected by this health condition or not. You also need to know about the main causes of male breast growth in order to prevent Gynecomastia. Puberty and aging are the main reasons that cause breast growth problems in men. If you are aware of all these causes, then you can take the right steps on time to reduce the effects of this health condition. You can also talk to your doctor to get the right treatments on time. It is not a serious problem, but it may make you feel embarrassed in front of others.

Swollen breast tissue and breast tenderness are the main symptoms of this health condition. If you are also experiencing any of these symptoms, then it is important to talk to your doctor. He may order for some tests or do the physical examination to know the causes of Gynecomastia. After this, he will also prescribe some medicines or give you any other advice to make improvements to your health. They may also suggest the other treatment options as per your health condition.

Main causes of Gynecomastia

No doubt, a number of factors can lead to Gynecomastia, and you need to check them out. The imbalance between testosterone and estrogen is the main cause of this health condition. In addition to this, there are many other causes of Gynecomastia, which you need to check at least once. Some of the main causes of this health condition are listed below-

  • Hormone imbalance– as you read earlier, it is one of the main causes of Gynecomastia, but you can’t ignore the other causes. The hormonal imbalance in your body can cause this problem and may make you feel bad due to the growth of your breasts.
  • Obesity– being overweight is also one of the causes of Gynecomastia, which you should keep in mind. If your weight is increasing, then it may affect the balance of hormones in your body that will result in breast tenderness and other problems. It may also cause your breast tissue to grow. The excess fat in the body also enlarges the breast tissue.
  • Older age– as you get older, your body produces less testosterone, and it directly impacts the balance of hormones. Due to this, you start experiencing the symptoms of Gynecomastia like breast tenderness and the man boobs. It can make you feel bad because the growth of breasts in men is uncommon, and that’s why it should be considered as a serious problem.
  • Other causes – along with the aging factor and overweight problem, many other causes are out there, which you need to know. You may also face the problems related to man boobs due to the side effects of some medicines or with the use of illegal drugs.

After knowing the main causes, it is easy to prevent Gynecomastia. You can also get control over this health condition on time.

Treatment of Gynecomastia

Most of the cases associated with Gynecomastia resolve over time without any treatment. If you are suffering a lot due to this condition, then you need to consult with your doctor. Talk to them about the symptoms of Gynecomastia that you are experiencing. After this, they can give you the best treatment options as per your requirements. Here, we are going to discuss the different treatment options that help to overcome Gynecomastia –

  1. lifestyle changes

If you are experiencing some common side effects of Gynecomastia, then you need to make some changes in your lifestyle to overcome this health condition. All you need to do is to make changes to your diet plan and do some exercises on a regular basis. With the help of doing the right exercises and eating healthy can help you to get rid of the man boobs.

  1. weight loss  

Most of the men are suffering from Gynecomastia due to the overweight problem. If you are also one of them, then you just need to make efforts to lose weight. By doing some simple exercises and taking a balanced diet, you can manage your weight and get rid of the symptoms of Gynecomastia. It is an easier method than the surgeries, so you should prioritize it.

  1. medications

Changing your lifestyle will not provide the results in every condition, and that’s why you also need to think more about the other treatments. If you are feeling bad and embarrassed due to your man boobs, then it’s time to get rid of it. Talk to your doctor and know about the medications which you should take on a daily basis to see the results in your body.

  1. surgery

If you are not getting results with all the above-mentioned methods, then you should opt for breast removal surgery. Surgery is a complicated procedure and also comes with lots of drawbacks. And that’s why you should think twice before going to choose the surgical procedure.

Well, these are the best treatment options that can help to overcome Gynecomastia on time. Never forget to get suggestions from your doctor before going to choose the right treatment option.


Man boobs are known as Gynecomastia in the medical world, and if you are suffering from this health condition, then you shouldn’t ignore it. Talk to your doctor and know the main cause of it and get tested. It will help you to choose the right treatment option as per your health condition. To know more about the causes and treatment options related to Gynecomastia, you need to click here. Make sure you are taking the right medicines and supplements as per the directions of your doctor.

How To Lose Weight By Drinking Water

Losing weight is simple; actually maintaining a healthy diet is an entirely different story. But there’s one very simple step you can take to lose weight, feel better, and get yourself started on the right path. What is it?

Drink water.

If you’re surprised, you shouldn’t be. Drinking eight glasses of water a day may seem like a redundant piece of advice, but it’s tried-and-true: It’s good for your general health, and it will help you shed pounds.

That’s because drinking water brings three very important benefits to your health and diet:

You’ll feel less hungry

You’ll replace liquid calories

You’ll increase your metabolism  Not buying it? Let’s look at each of these three benefits in detail.

Remember, however, that you shouldn’t drink too much water. This can lead to toxicity (known as hyponatremia) and can be life-threatening. Moderation and common sense are important.

Feeling Less Hungry

The key to using water to feel less hungry is to drink one or two full glasses before every meal. Just as well, drink water throughout the day and keep yourself hydrated — oftentimes, a “craving” for sugar or other poor quality foods is actually a misunderstood craving for water. Why this happens, I’m not sure, but it does seem to be the case.

Replacing Liquid Calories

Do you drink soda? Think about this: The average can of Coke contains 180 calories. The average bottle? 290 calories. It may not seem like much, but if you drink multiple sodas a day — or, worse, rely on sugary drinks as your primary liquid — it adds up. Fast.

If you truly want to get healthy, cut out the sugary drinks. Replace them with water. It might be difficult for a few days, maybe even torture for a couple of weeks. But trust me.

From personal experience, I can guarantee that it’s not as difficult as you may think. And, if you go without soda for a month or two and then decide to have one, you’ll realize just how much like floor cleaner it actually tastes.

Another benefit of cutting soda, while not related to caloric intake, is the elimination of extra caffeine. You see, caffeine is a diuretic, which means it actually dehydrates us by removing water from our bodies, and may also lower our metabolisms. This can be bad, and is certainly counterintuitive to any kind of diet, especially if we’re dehydrated, to begin with.

Increasing Your Metabolism

Here’s a trick: Drink a large glass of ice-cold water. Awesome. You’ve just increased your metabolism, and you’re already burning extra calories.

Now, I’m only sharing this information because I know it works. I used to drink a lot of sugary sodas, and water wasn’t exactly part of my diet. The odd thing about too much sugar is also that it ultimately slows you down. It makes you sluggish.

Eliminating the liquid calories and staying hydrated has proven to be as close to “easy” weight loss as you’re likely to get.

Of course, you should obviously try to eat healthier in general, exercise, and cut sugars and snack foods as much as possible, but the simple addition of adequate amounts of water to your diet can make all the difference. If this is not working for you then, you can try Coolsculpting. What Is CoolSculpting? You can click here to learn all about this process and the benefits that are there when it comes to losing weight with this process.

Serenity Spa In Winterset: Relaxation Near Des Moines, Iowa

Looking for a relaxing getaway? If you live in or around Des Moines, look no further. A small, tucked-away spot only 15 minutes from the capital city will give a lot of expensive vacation spots a run for their money.

Pamper yourself with a spa day. Set up a morning appointment at Serenity Spa in Winterset. Just a short distance from Des Moines, you can get to Serenity Spa by taking I-80 West to Highway 169. Right before you reach the 4 way stop in Winterset, Serenity Spa is tucked into a small parking lot between Keystone Steak House and a bird feed supply (1318 North John Wayne Drive, Winterset, IA). Making its debut in March 2007, Serenity Spa has quickly become known as a rare, unique Iowa treat tucked away off the beaten path. There is another spa that is the Medical Day Spa in Paramus New Jersey that will get you a similar experience in terms of serenity and professional services that you get. All this is going to be really beneficial for your skin and body as well.

Walking into the spa is like walking into another world. Once your eyes adjust to the darkened interior, you’ll see the spa attendant who will whisper a kind welcome as you listen to the soothing, relaxing music that is piped throughout the spa.

You’ll be escorted to the back to change into a plush robe and slippers and then taken to the Relaxation Room where you’ll be asked if you’d like hot herbal tea or water with lemon. The ceiling is covered with fiber optics making it appear as if you’ve walked into a planetarium. You can sit in one of the soft chaise lounge chairs and enjoy the fireplace as you prepare for your day of massage.

Serenity has several packages to choose from and includes services like facials, waxing, full body massage, couples massage, prenatal and postpartum massage, wraps, scrubs, reflexology, hot stone therapy and more. Choose the popular “Serenity” package and you’ll enjoy three popular and relaxing services – 1 hr full body massage, ½ hr reflexology and a full facial. Imagine four hours of nothing but relaxation and someone focusing on you. Here’s the best part – you’ll only pay around $130. In addition to each of the services, your package also includes the Serenity Lunch – an incredible assortment of fresh fruit served with a cream cheese dip to die for – and a special spa gift.

Valerie Utsler, the owner of Serenity and a Nationally Certified Licensed Massage Therapist with a certification in Reflexology, prides herself on exceptional customer service. Her personal touches, as well as that of her spa attendant, Jen, make Serenity Spa a “must visit” destination in Iowa. Appointments are available Monday and Friday from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Introducing The Energizer Quick Switch Flashlight For Your Home Today

How many times have the lights suddenly gone out at your house and you find yourself scrambling to find a flashlight only to discover it has dead batteries and the extra batteries in the drawer are the wrong size? Well, if you’re like me, this has happened on more than one occasion and it is frustrating as all get out! Well, have I got the solution for you!

This handy dandy little flashlight is one that will work with not only C, and D batteries but on AA as well! I got it from an online store, and it’s probably available at https://www.dfydaily.com/  too. HOW does it do it you ask? I have no idea, but the secret may lie in the fact that there is a nifty little switch on the front that you slide until it meets up with a description of the batteries you have placed within the flashlight and crash, boom, bang! There is light! (OK, I know I sound like a commercial, but bear with me. This thing is amazing!)

Now to the men in my family, the second best thing to getting a HOME DEPOT card for a gift is getting a new flashlight! (go figure!) So imagine my Dad’s delight when he opened this little baby on his recent birthday! It was great! He was thrilled, not just that he had yet another flashlight to add to his unbelievable collection, but one that he would finally be able to use all those batteries that were rolling around in the drawer when the lights went out! And trust me, living in the middle of rural America, my folks’ lights go out on a regular basis so this flashlight will get plenty of use.

Use of this flashlight is simple. It holds batteries ranging from AA, C, D and with any two batteries supplies enough light to bring darkness into the gloom and save you the hassle of finding the right sized batteries when the lights go out.

With a flashlight such as this, one might think the quality of the light would be lessened because of the options for battery usage. This is not the case. Any of the battery options works as well as any other and provides more than enough lght to navigate safely through a darkened home.

At a price of less than $10, and a size that is large enough to be easily held but not so small as to get lost in a drawer. We have found that this is the flashlight that is most sought, when an ice storm hits, summer twisters take power or even when we need to check on the kids after dark. It’s an amazing flashlight and if for no other reason than to use up the lonely batteries in the drawer, it is well worth the purchase.

I found this nifty flashlight at our local PAULS store but realizing not everyone has such a store in their immediate vicinity, I searched the internet until I found this flashlight for sale.

Below are some of the links to where you can purchase this cool little tool. I’d love to hear what you think of it, when you try it…come back and tell me, or better yet, post an article of your own….after all, there are more gadget freaks out there than just you and I. We are a group that grows larger as the days go by!