5 Gadgets No Road Trip Should Be Without

When it comes to road trips, many of us can recall horror stories of those long and boring drives. Endless games of I Spy, the Alphabet Game, and 20 Questions used to be the only entertainment one could find on the open road. For this generation, they are forced to suffer through handheld games and DVD players. Entertainment devices are not the only things you want to drag along on the trip, though. There are several different devices that will make you trip both safe and enjoyable.

Portable DVD Player

One of the most important factors of an enjoyable road trip is keeping the younger ones occupied. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a good old “boob tube” right in the car. A little portable DVD can keep the fights and restlessness to a minimum. These can be found just about anywhere any more and the price is not so bad now. You can get a nice used one for $20 or less and a new one for around $100. No matter what your budget is, these are a travel must if you have kids.

Portable Game System

Handheld games are just like the DVD player; they will keep the backseat patrons more occupied. There are several different varieties of these games. Whether you use a generic handheld game or a PSP, these systems can keep people occupied and let you concentrate on the drive. There won’t be any more fights about where everyone is in the alphabet anymore if you have a couple of these in the back seat. These can also be used to ease the drive to school. You can find the generic electronic games in any dollar or drug store and they start at $2 and range up to $10. The PSP and the DS are a little more expensive, but they are much more effective. There are top tech gadgets 2019 that have a long list of affordable and fun portable gaming consoles. You can visit the website to learn about the features and the list of compatible game on these consoles. You can even order them from there and get some discount as well.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

A GPS can be a good thing to keep on hand. There have been several instances lately of people getting lost with them, but those are very low in occurrence. As long as you have a map on hand to keep it honest, these can really help you. A nicer GPS can even tell you of upcoming stops and where things are. If you suddenly need a restroom or a caffeine boost, the GPS can usually tell you what is at the next stop and how far it is. There are some of the nicer ones that can even tell you the cost of gas at future stops so you can get the best prices. Depending on how advanced you need your GPS to be, they can range from According to theGPS Store, these range from $99 to almost $1000. There are some other stores that offer some used versions or some good sales out there. For the GPS, you will need to do a little shopping to find the best deals.

Wi-Fi adapter

One must have for anyone that is traveling the open road is a Wi-Fi adapter for your laptop. This will ensure that you can get coverage in the highway dead zones. By having this around, you can even eliminate the need for some of the above devices. There are many things that you can do with an internet connection by your side. Even in the most remote of truck stops or rest areas, you will be able to keep in touch with everyone, check your e-mail, or even check the local sports scores. No matter what it is that you do online, you will need a way to get online to keep doing it. There is not always Wi-Fi at all the off ramps, and there are even some parts of the country where hotspots are few and far between, if you can believe that. These range from free (with two year agreement) to about $500, and the service is about $60 a month.

Cell phone

One thing that you really can not go anywhere without is a cell phone. You will need one of these on any trip, especially a long one. If anything were to happen on the road, you will need to have one of these nearby. Whether it be to call ahead and check a hotel or dinner reservation, or to report an emergency, a cell phone can be a life saver for any trip.

Trips can be long and difficult for any family. Keeping kids in a compact area for hours on end is bound to be a disaster. These little tools can help you to keep your sanity and keep the kids from killing each other for hours and hours. With many hotels cutting the channel selection and channels offering next to nothing good or family oriented, you may find these tools being needed outside the vehicle as well. If you get the right 3D interactive system, you won’t even need the vacation to begin with.